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Empowering those who are overwhelmed with a chronic condition to find their true identity and live a creatively clear life, free from chronic chaos

Audiences can anticipate laughter and motivation from Katie's Keynotes. She infuses her talks with love, hope, and practical steps to make change... coming from a place of deep personal understanding of how chronic conditions can impact our lives and the lives of our loved ones. With this sensitive topic, She will encourage the audience to dig deep, disrupt their thinking patterns, and set a new outlook on life. To realize they are more than the diagnosis in their medical record, or the stress and burnout that entangles their life.

It's time to bring this to an end. No more fear. No more feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. No more wondering who you really, truly are.  We get one life to live, let's embrace our chronic chaos and use that energy to move into creative clarity. 

What to Expect



Katie is a coach, speaker, illustrator, and mindfulness mentor. After finding herself at the lowest point in her life, creatively blocked and battling a debilitating chronic illness, something had to change. Her self worth was at an all time low, she hated answering the question "what do you do" and had no idea what direction she was headed in.

It took a spiritual encounter with a Snowy Owl to wake up and begin the journey to health, love and acceptance. Now, she empowers women find their own "snowy owl" and move from chronic chaos to creative clarity. To look beyond the chronic condition, whether that's a disease, stress, burnout, etc... and start defining the person they truly are meant to be.


Breaking the "I Can't" Mindset
Mend the wounds created from the "I Can't" mindset that you've been hearing for so long

We get into a cycle of hearing what we can and can't do around our chronic illness (from family, friends, medical professionals, your own mind). In my case, it was how to move my body to avoid injury. A very important message- but often misused beyond the original intention of safety and protection. What we don't realize is that this toxicity bleeds into other areas of our lives and becomes a crutch. It enables us to get stuck in our comfort zone. This talk is intended to disrupt the chronic pattern, create awareness around a true "I can't" versus a fear based "I can't". When we can identify the two, it will make dramatic shifts in your life.


  • Provides the audience with a deep reflection of where that mindset came from

  • Gives them a sense of community and togetherness as we dig into just how easy it is to get paralyzed by this habit 

  • Educates on why we get into this cycle and helps them identify their most common triggers.

  • Sets them up with practical tools to move forward and start working to an "I can" mindset


Moving from Chronic Chaos to Creative Clarity
How to get clear on where you want to go in life by organizing and creating harmony in where you are now

Enjoy life.JPG

We get so focused on where we want to be, we forget that change happens in the present moment. What we don't realize is that every single aspect of our being is influenced by 6 primary categories. If one is out of balance, it causes the others to follow as well. When we can identify and start to bring harmony back into our lives, we start to get clear on what is important. Creativity flows more freely. We begin to define purpose instead of searching for it. 


  • Helps the audience define where they are right now, in the 6 primary areas that make up our lives

  • Identifies what needs to grow and what needs to shrink in their life right now

  • Gives the audience actionable steps they can take right now to balance that chaos

Resilience and Redefining Yourself Amidst Change
Tapping into your inner wisdom to find your power and define your purpose


The world has changed and so have we- as a collective and as individuals. It's time to turn inward to find your answers. From the time we learn how to speak and read, we begin to look for answers in other's reactions, in technology, and anywhere except for ourselves. Finding yourself will not only boost your creativity, but it will change your life in the best way possible. 


  • Empowers the audience to define the now and redefine the new

  • Teaches the audience effective and easy tools to help begin the self discovery journey such as mindfulness, stream of conscious writing, and environmental cues to encourage presence and grounding. 

  • Sets the audience up for ultimate self confidence as they begin to adapt and work with the changes in their life through a deep connection to self.



Brooke Woods
Musician: "Of Candor"

KatieAnne was such a wonderful guide for me in a time of some big transitions creatively. She holds space for artists and creatives alike to untangle the thoughts and roadblocks that impede our processes - not by focusing on productivity but instead on an authentic experience and mindfulness. This is so unique in this day and age and it is so important! I feel reconnected to my art in ways I was missing for a long time! 


Lara Loetscher
Content creator, Entrepreneur 

Katie is absolutely amazing! When I met Katie, I was so overwhelmed with all my jobs and the craziness of my life. Now, I finally have some structure! Realizing to work on my dreams before someone else’s has made a huge difference especially in my business. I was able to reach a goal that I had been trying to accomplish for a year! If your struggling in any aspect of your life, she is your girl. She’s an amazing listener, very professional, has the kindest heart and truly wants to help people. I am so grateful for you and I will definitely be contacting you again during my journey when I feel like I am hitting a road block!


Audience Member
HerStory Event

Yesterday I was overwhelmed but then I remembered what Katie had talked about during the Herstory conference. I buckled down and did the things I needed to do while celebrating the small wins and accepting how my body was feeling. I decided enough was enough and it was time to, as she says, break the chaos patterns. Thank you Katie!


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