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You're Stuck!

You've got a ton of ideas and dreams but nothing seems to stick

Your job is exhausting and you so badly want to do your own thing but the security of a 9-5 is hard to leave behind.

Life gets crazy and your time is spent on everyone else but you

Three Women

It's time to get clear!

To stop playing small and start living a life you love

To live in your purpose and make a bigger impact find fulfillment and true happiness

Hey Love, 

My name is Katie and I am an intuitive clarity coach. I work with unfulfilled women who have been pushing their dreams down. Women who go through the motions every day without asking themselves what would make them happy!

I help women.... 

Get clear on their purpose

Find fulfillment in life

Get inspired and take action

Connect with their inner wisdom

Unlock their creativity

Are you ready to get clear? To uncover your purpose and start living a life of true fulfillment?

To make an impact?

​I was lost in my corporate job, burnt out and numb. I was co-dependent in my relationship and I had lost my identity 

in an autoimmune disease that I allowed to control my life.


I had everything that I asked for: a cute house, a dog, a boyfriend, a good paying job... But it still didn’t feel like enough.


It never registered what I was actually missing- my purpose.

I filled my weekends with too many trips to TJ Maxx and Target, trying to fill a void with shopping while I ate my feelings away. I was busy working on someone else's dream and pushing mine down. I was waking up and going through the dull motions of a life that wasn't meant for me.

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Snowy Forest

I was moving to a new city and I had a spiritual encounter with a snowy owl... it was my wake up call. From that point on, I've been on a journey to connect with my higher self and help other women do the same. I worked on my coaching certification, got on top of my health, connected with my spirituality, and buried myself in books.

Since then, I've helped women get clear on their direction and purpose, overcome creative blocks, and build healthy foundations that support their goals. I've supported women as they took that step to start their own business. I've lead workshops and spoke my story at a global women's conference. 

Meditation by the Sea

If you need a sign- this is it. You have so much creativity and potential inside of you waiting to be released. Your voice is unique and the only one in this world.


It is time to step into your power, reset, find your purpose, and start digging up that buried dream.


When was the last time someone listened to you, hearing, caring, and validating everything you spoke?

This is your time to step into the badass that you’ve always been.


Qualifications and Experience:

  • Certified Coach

  • Certified Meditation Facilitator

  • Certified Crystal Master

  • Reiki Master

  • Bachelors in Music Business/Marketing

  • ​National Speaker on marketing strategy

  • Advanced Sales and Marketing Certifications

  • Business Consultant

Completed courses:

She Heals The World Master Coach

Souly Aligned by Jenna Rose Coaching

Transformation Academy Spiritual Coaching

Transformation Academy Meditation Facilitation

IPHM and Joey Worgachuk Crystal Master Certification