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Meet Katie

To read about her journey with her chronic illness, check out her blog!

Katie is a coach, speaker, and mindfulness mentor. After finding herself at the lowest point in her life, creatively blocked and battling a debilitating chronic illness, something had to change.

Her self worth was at an all time low, she hated answering the question "what do you do" and had no idea what direction she was headed in (but knew it sure as hell wasn't the corporate marketing job that overwhelmed her life).

It took a spiritual encounter with a snowy owl to wake up and begin the journey to health, self love and acceptance. Now, she empowers women find their own "snowy owl" and move from chronic chaos to creative clarity. To look beyond the chronic condition, whether that's a disease, stress, burnout, etc... and start defining the person they truly are meant to be.

Today, she is now a certified reiki master, meditation facilitator and fully loving her creative-led life. Katie is called to support others in doing the same, through mindfulness and small shifts made in the "autopilot" daily actions we tend to forget about! You don't have to create from a place of fear anymore and those "best day ever" feelings? Those can happen in abundance once you get clear and embrace your inner creative soul.



So, if you are looking to...

choose clarity over confusion
be reminded of your power and step into it
reconnect to your inner wisdom
create harmony in your life

redefine yourself and your purpose 

step out of your "chronic" mindset

Start here.

Think about a time when you were fully in your creative power- ideas rushing to you, not tainted or touched by the outside world's opinions yet. Not diminished by your fears and second thoughts. Now think about your favorite day. What were you doing and how did it feel in your body? Pretty good right?! Let's make it a priority to bring more of those feelings into your life... starting NOW.

Today is the day it stops. No more fear. No more losing sleep. No more defining yourself by the amount of creative output you are doing.  It is time to step into your power, start loving the process, and most importantly, ditch that chronic chaos for creative clarity.




Meditation by the Sea

If you need a sign or a gentle push, this is it. You have so much creativity and potential inside of you waiting to be released. 


It is time to step into your power, reset, find your purpose, and start loving the path you are on. Embrace where you are and release the untrue stories you've been holding on to.

Are you ready to get clear? To uncover a life of more meaning?  To make an impact and STOP letting that chronic illness call the shots?

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Qualifications and Experience:

  • Certified Coach

  • Certified Meditation Facilitator

  • Reiki Master

  • Bachelors in Music Business/Marketing

  • ​National Speaker

  • Classical musician

  • Certified in advanced sales and marketing