Helping women choose clarity over confusion, explore their inner creative wisdom, and experience true fulfillment.

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Do any of these Resonate? 

  • Unhappy in your job?

  • Cant seem to accomplish goals?

  • Overwhelmed with all of the things you could do?

  • Imposter syndrome and lack of confidence?

  • Going through the motions?

  • Living life how others want  and expect you to?

  • Feeling like there isn't enough time to do it all?

Work through limiting mindset barriers

Build a strong foundation in every area of your life

Tap into unexplored creative potential

Who Should Pursue Clarity Coaching?

The Creator: 

painter, musician, writer, ect... looking to expand and explore their creative potential

The Business Woman/ 


 looking to move ahead in their career or take their business next level

The Busy Mom 

 wondering what is next for their life and how to enrich the life of their little ones and of their family.

The Dreamer

who feels like they were made for more, who feels stuck and or who feels unfulfilled in their life

What is Clarity Coaching

"IS" vs. "ISN'T"


Clarity Coaching IS ....

holding a space for you

supporting your transformation

helping you to uncover problems and discover answers

holding accountability and always speaking truthfully

... Looking to your future

Clarity Coaching ISN'T....

therapy, mentoring, or counseling

telling you exactly what to do

...Looking into your past

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Clarity Exercise

Discover areas that are "fogging" your life

Our World is more disconnected than ever

Three in five adults (61%) reporting they are lonely

 (US, Cigna, 2020)

39% feel like they have to hide their true self at work

 (US, Cigna, 2020)


The average time spent in social interactions has fallen by around half an hour per week 

(Exton and Fleischer, 2020)

Only 1 of 4 people feel that they are living up to their creative potential

(PEW Research)​

Meet Katie

Entrepreneur, Creator,

Coach, and Digital Marketing Strategist

Hello lovelies! 

My name is Katie and I am an intuitive clarity coach who works with unfulfilled women that have been pushing their dreams down and who've been going through the motions every day.

I help women.... 

Get clear on their purpose

Find fulfillment in life

Get inspired and take action

Connect with their inner wisdom and creativity

I was lost in my corporate job, burnt out and numb. I was co-dependent in my relationship and I had lost my identity in an autoimmune disease that I allowed to control my life. After I had a spiritual encounter with a snowy owl, it woke me up. From that point on, I've been on a journey to connect with my higher self and help other women do the same. 

Clarity coaching is for women looking to find clarity in every aspect of their life, explore their inner creativity, and experience true fulfillment. Our life changes and we go through many different phases on our journey. If you are a women who is feeling stuck or if you are at a cross-road in your life, not sure what the next step is... Let's chat! Once you can find clarity you can start exploring your greater purpose and unlock that natural inner creativity that will set launch to your deepest dreams and desires.

My calling is to unify a disconnected world through self expression by empowering women to find fulfillment and their calling so that they can impact the world with their creative gift

Let’s Get Clear on your dreams!

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