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KatieAnne Coaching

A Creative Coach helping you to reconnect with your creativity, stop playing small and start living a life you love

What is Creativity Coaching

Work through limiting mindset barriers

Develop your current skill set 

Tap into unexplored creative potential

Who Should Pursue Creativity Coaching?

The Creator: 

painter, musician, writer, ect... looking to expand and explore their creative potential

The Business Woman/ 


 looking to move ahead in their career or take their business next level

The Busy Mom 

 wondering what is next for their life and how to enrich the life of their little ones and of their family.

Anyone else!!

who feels like they were made for more, who feels stuck and or who feels unfulfilled in their life

Our World: A Creativity Crisis

60% of CEOs believe creativity is the most important leadership quality

Less than 50% of people feel that creativity has a place in their job

38% don't feel comfortable thinking creatively at work

78% wish they had more creative ability

Only 1 of 4 people feel that they are living up to their creative potential

You do not have to be an artist, musician, writer, ect... to use your creativity! It is essential for innovation, confidence, fulfillment and so much more!

*Based on a study of 1000 US college-educated and full-time salaried employees aged 25+

Common FAQ

Summarized by the Creativity Coaching Association (CCA)

Is coaching therapy?

No, coaching is not therapy and if during the coaching session we feel that therapy would be more beneficial, I will happily refer out! While it is related, it isn't about processing past traumas and digging into them. Coaching is looking to your future. I do have extensive knowledge in how a person's life story may have influenced their creative drive and creative process. This influences how that person works and reaches goals.  As the CCA put it, "The coach is willing to talk about your past and what influence it may have on you, but their goal is not to heal you as a therapist does- it is simply to help you gain a deeper perspective on how your past might influence your creative work."

Is creativity coaching the same as life coaching?

Not quite- life coaches have many similar skills but they are not specifically trained in working with creativity. As a creativity coach, I am trained to handle the issues that surround your creative process. This can include and goes beyond the following: where to find ideas, how to decide what idea to work on, how to develop an idea, how to market creative work, how to find an artistic community, and so on. If your issues are primarily on enhancing and optimizing your creative work and ideas, then we are the type of coach you will want to work with!


Do creativity coaches specialize?

Most creativity coaches are able to work with artists in all types of work, focusing on the "creative process" rather than the specific nature of your art. Many areas will include elements around getting unstuck, self-esteem, dealing with your inner critic, and so on.

What issues can coaches help me with?

As put by the CCA, "coaches can help artists, writers, inventors, and many creative people explore their creative urges and achieve much more effective results."

  • Discover new ideas inside yourself

  • Work authentically

  • Explore new techniques of working

  • Begin a project with commitment

  • Working through limiting beliefs and inner critic

  • Overcoming blocks that prevent you from doing your best work

  • Complete projects and prepare yourself to show them to the outside world


And so on... Creativity coaching is essential to creators (bloggers/writers/artists/musicians) but also incredibly helpful for entrepreneurs and anyone looking to innovate.

"IS" vs. "ISN'T"


Creativity Coaching IS ....

holding a space for you

supporting your transformation

helping you to uncover problems and discover answers

holding accountability and always speaking truthfully

... Looking to your future

Creativity Coaching ISN'T....

therapy, mentoring, or counseling

telling you exactly what to do

...Looking into your past

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Meet Katie

Entrepreneur, Creator,

and Digital Marketing Strategist

Hello lovelies! 

My name is Katie and I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Creativity has always taken on many forms in my life but until I found the right way to express it, I was buried in excuses and limiting beliefs that I wasn't good enough. Once I realized that I was making it about me instead of serving others, my life changed. I feel called to to help other women change their lives too!

Creativity isn't just for the select "chosen" and those with prodigy talents- we are all born creative.  Our species is designed with creative abilities, ambitions, curiosities, and a body to get it done! It's how we evolve. 

Creativity coaching is for the women looking to find more joy, passion, purpose, fulfillment, or to get unstuck in their current phase of life. This isn't coaching on the arts (how to's and techniques) and while we can absolutely explore those creative outlets if appropriate, Creativity coaching is more about exploring your deeper dreams, desires, and purpose. It is finding connection to your creative gift, reaching your goals, and living your dream.

You are allowed to be here. You are allowed to take up space. What comes with that allowance is your own permission.

Permission to use your voice... to explore your curiosities... to have a vision. 

Permission to be anything your heart is telling you to be!


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