Helping women choose clarity over confusion, explore their inner creative wisdom, and experience true fulfillment.

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Do any of these Resonate? 

  • Unhappy in your job?

  • Cant seem to accomplish goals?

  • Overwhelmed with all of the things you could do?

  • Imposter syndrome and lack of confidence?

  • Going through the motions?

  • Living life how others want  and expect you to?

  • Feeling like there isn't enough time to do it all?

This is what happens when we allow our lives to cloud what is important to us. When we forget to define our own purpose and allow others to decide. When we are not living in our creative power.


Working through limiting mindset barriers and stepping into your powerful purpose

Building a strong foundation in the 6 primary areas that make up our lives

Taping into unexplored creative potential and learning how to work through creative blocks

Our World is more disconnected than ever

Three in five adults (61%) reporting they are lonely

 (US, Cigna, 2020)

39% feel like they have to hide their true self at work

 (US, Cigna, 2020)


The average time spent in social interactions has fallen by around half an hour per week 

(Exton and Fleischer, 2020)

Only 1 of 4 people feel that they are living up to their creative potential

(PEW Research)​


"My calling is to unify a disconnected world through self expression by empowering women to find fulfillment and their calling so that they can impact the world with their creative gift"

Katie is a creative clarity coach, holistic healer, and mindfulness mentor. After finding herself at the lowest point in her life, creatively blocked and battling a debilitating chronic illness, something had to change. Her self worth was at an all time low, she hated answering the question "what do you do" and had no idea what direction she was headed in. It took a spiritual encounter with a snowy owl to wake up and begin the journey to self love and acceptance. 


Today, she is now a certified reiki master, meditation facilitator and fully loving her creative-led life. Katie is called to now support others do the same through mindfulness and small shifts made in the "autopilot" daily actions we tend to forget about! You don't have to create from a place of fear anymore and those "best day ever" feelings? Those can happen in abundance once you get clear and embrace your inner creative soul.

She works with unfulfilled women who have been pushing their dreams down. Women who go through the motions every day without asking themselves what would make them happy. Women afraid to connect with their creative wisdom!


So, if you are looking to...

choose clarity over confusion
be reminded of your power and step into it
reconnect to your inner wisdom
create harmony in your life

redefine yourself and your purpose 

Think about a time when you were fully in your creative power- ideas rushing to you, not tainted or touched by the outside world's opinions yet. Not diminished by your fears and second thoughts. Now think about your favorite day. What were you doing and how did it feel in your body? Pretty good right?! Let's make it a priority to bring more of those feelings into your life... starting NOW.

Today is the day it stops. No more fear. No more losing sleep. No more defining yourself by the amount of creative output you are doing.  It is time to step into your creative power, start loving the process, and most importantly, find your clarity.

Brooke Woods
Musician: "Of Candor"

KatieAnne was such a wonderful guide for me in a time of some big transitions creatively. She holds space for artists and creatives alike to untangle the thoughts and roadblocks that impede our processes - not by focusing on productivity but instead on an authentic experience and mindfulness. This is so unique in this day and age and it is so important! I feel reconnected to my art in ways I was missing for a long time! 


Lara Loetscher
Content creator, Entrepreneur 

Katie is absolutely amazing! When I met Katie, I was so overwhelmed with all my jobs and the craziness of my life. Now, I finally have some structure! Realizing to work on my dreams before someone else’s has made a huge difference especially in my business. I was able to reach a goal that I had been trying to accomplish for a year! If your struggling in any aspect of your life, she is your girl. She’s an amazing listener, very professional, has the kindest heart and truly wants to help people. I am so grateful for you and I will definitely be contacting you again during my journey when I feel like I am hitting a road block!

Samantha Vaughn
BOPS Photography

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